CKG Flow Plumbing provides complete commercial plumbing services across Windsor-Essex and Chatham Kent! From repairs and routine maintenance to major installations and overhauls of the plumbing services in your commercial building, let us handle it all with our prompt, professional service!

Our commercial plumbing services include:

Washroom Refinishing & Remodeling

From small updates to complete washroom remodels, we can handle it for small or large commercial washrooms.

Pipe Installation

We can replace or install new pipes to help upgrade your existing plumbing systems to help everything flow better in your commercial building.

Boiler System Installation

Our team of plumbing experts is available to assist with the installation of new, efficient boiler systems for residential or commercial customers.

Faucet Repair

If your commercial building has slow, leaking or damaged faucets, let us get them back to flowing like new w ith our faucet repair services!

Plumbing Leaks

If you've noticed leaks in your plumbing systems or have seen water pooling near your pipes and think you might have a plumbing leak, let us find and fix the problem for you fast!,

Bathroom Fixtures

Update the look of your bathroom with brand new fixtures that will look and work great.

Broken Toilets

Broken or running toilets are major problem that need immediate attention. Rely on CKG Flow Plumbing to get the problem taken care of fast and done right the first time!

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes not only disrupt the flow of water at your commercial property, but can also lead to damage in your building. When you need broken pipes fixed fast, call CKG Flow Plumbing!

Water Heater Failure

Being without hot water can disrupt your business in all kinds of ways. Call CKG Flow Plumbing to get the hot water flowing again at your commercial property.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a big concern in the cold winter months, and freezing can cause serious damage to your business' plumbing system. We can safely thaw your pipes before they cause a more serious issue, and take care of any damage your frozen pipes may have already caused.


These are just s ome of the commercial plumbing services in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent offered by CKG Flow Plumbing. To find out more about how we can help your business with all of its plumbing needs, contact us today! We offer upfront pricing and will always keep you informed throughout the process so you know exactly what work is being done and why. 


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